6 Effective Ways To Remove Injury And Acne Scars From Your Face

How To Remove Injury Scars From Your Face.

Getting an Injury to your face or other parts of your body is not only NOT fun but the scars they can sometimes leave behind can be embarrassing or just plain ugly.

Having scars on your face isn’t the end of the world however they are not good to have on your face or skin especially if you’re trying to look good or impress someone such as for a job etc.

Fortunately most scars can be removed or at least hidden from view using some simple home remedies for getting rid of those Injury Scars.

How To Remove Injury Scars With Lemons.

This first remedy we’re gonna talk about that will remove and get rid of Injury scars including acne scars is Lemon.

Lemon contains a natural acid including Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Vitamin C that works to remove the dead skin cells which will then get rid of the acne or injury scars.

You can use either a lemon slice or fresh lemon juice squeezed from a lemon.

To use the Lemon Slice you can put the lemon slice on the Injury or Acne Scar and let it sit for 15 to 30 minutes and do this 2 to 3 times per day for it to be effective.

To use lemon juice take a Cotton Ball and soak the Cotton Ball In the Lemon Juice and then apply the Cotton Ball to the scars and leave the lemon juice on the scars for 15 to 30 minutes or until it dries and then wash your face off.

You’ll need to repeat this procedure for around 1 to 2 weeks to see the results but if you do it enough then the lemon juice will get rid of the Injury Scars and Acne scars if you have them as well.

How To Remove Injury Scars With Apple Cider Vinegar.

Apple Cider Vinegar is another great effective home remedy for getting rid of Injury Scars and as well as Acne Scars.

To get rid of Injury Scars or even Acne Scars with Apple Cider Vinegar just follow the same steps above as you did with the Lemon Juice.

Soak A Cotton Ball in the Apple Cider Vinegar and Apply it to the scars 2 to 3 times per day for up to 2 weeks or until the Injury Scars go away.

Leave the Apple Cider Vinegar on the scars until it dries or for up to 15 to 30 minutes whichever comes first.

Apple Cider Vinegar works great for Injury Scars, Acne Scars and a variety of other skin conditions.

How To Use Coconut Oil To Get Rid Of Injury Scars.

Coconut Oil is another wonderful home remedy for getting rid of your Injury Scars.

The Vitamin E and Antioxidants contained in Coconut Oil can help speed of the recovery of Injury Scars making them disappear within 15 days.

Apply the Coconut Oil directly to the Injury Scars overnight every night for up to 15 days and the Injury Scars and even Acne Scars will disappear and another benefit of the Coconut Oil is it will keep the Injury Scars and Acne Scars from coming back again.

How To Use Tomatoes To Get rid of Injury and Acne Scars.

Tomatoes are not only a healthy food to eat they also work as a great home remedy for getting rid of Acne and Injury Scars as well.

To use Tomatoes for getting rid of Injury and Acne Scars grab a fresh tomato and slice the fresh tomato in half and then use the tomato to massage the area over the Injury or acne scar.

Tomatoes are a natural bleaching agent and a good way of getting rid of scars.

For the tomato to be effective at getting rid of the scars make sure that the juice from the tomato gets onto the scar and do this every day and you should see improvements in the acne and Injury scars disappearing overnight.

How To Use Aloe Vera Gel To Get Rid of Injury and Acne Scars.

Aloe Vera Gel is another great effective remedy for treating Injury as well as acne scars.

The Aloe Vera Plant has been used for many years for soothing and cooling peoples irritated skin and all you need to do is take some Aloe Vera Gel and some rose water and mix them together and apply it to the scars.

Once applied to your scars leave the Aloe Vera Gel and Rose Water on your scars for up to 20 minutes and do this everyday until you see improvement and see the acne or Injury scars disappear.

How To Use Honey To get Rid of Injury And Acne Scars.

Last But Certainly not the least on our list of effective ways of getting rid of and treating Injury and Acne Scars is the use of Honey.

Yes Honey that great stuff that comes from bees.

Honey has been used as a natural medicine for many, many years and it has been used for many years because it really works.

To use Honey For Injury and Acne Scars as well as other types of scars mix the honey with lemon or baking soda and apply the honey mixture to the scars.

After Applying the honey mixture to the scars massage the honey mixture into the scars and then place a hot towel over the area and leave it there for 15 to 20 minutes or until the hot towel cools down.

After leaving the honey mixture on your face or on the scars for 15 to 20 minutes you can then wash the honey off.

It may take up to a week to see full results from the honey treatment for the scars but do this everyday and your certainly see the Injury or Acne Scars disappear.

If the scars are really severe due to a car wreck or bad burn etc then you will likely require surgery and skin grafts to fix the scars and some more severe scars due to bad burns or auto accidents may never go away.

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