Why do so many rappers show off their jewelry?

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The jewelry are considered similar to trophies . After every major success they get a new piece that represents something that they felt they won

If they signed to a record label And get out of the hood this means the won so they get a jewelry piece for that.

Their debut album goes old or platinum they going to get a trophy “Jewelry” for winning the success

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Rappers tend to show off their Jewelry as a means of a status symbol and trophy.

Diamond-covered chains are a visible proclamation that they've escaped immense poverty through the success of their music; they aren't just a flashy and superficial showing of wealth.

They are a lavish celebration of a come up from a life of struggle and destitution.

Why some rappers LOVE showing off their wealth and why audiences have never grown tired of hearing about it is because it's a representation of status.

At the end of the day, money and all that comes with it is at the center of most peoples' ambitions.

Hip hop doesn't hide that.

Yes, it's about artistry.

The rappers that have spent the most money on Jewelry include.

Big Ass Chain | T-Pain | $410,000.
Crunk Ain't Dead Chain | Lil Jon | $500,000.
Twin Panther Chain | Gucci Mane | $500,000.
64 Crayons Chain | Sean Kingston | $500,000.
NERD Chain | Pharell Williams | $1 Million.
Rick Ross Face Pendant | Rick Ross | $1.5 Million.
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