What natural pesticides can I use on my garden?

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Neem has been utilised for centuries for its culinary and medicinal benefits. It is also reported to be used as a pest control. This medical plant has a sour aftertaste and pungent odour that may deter pests from your plants, but it is not dangerous to animals, birds, plants, or humans. Sprinkle neem oil on small seedlings, where it is reported to be effective for 22 days. Carefully mix some neem oil with a dab of commercial warm soapy water. Fill a spray bottle with it and use it right away.

Salt spray is among the finest and most organic ways to manufacture insecticides at home. In reality, this will not only help discourage pests, but it will also assist enhance nutrient intake such as magnesium and assist plants absorb essential nutrients such as phosphate and sulphur. You can dissolve some salt water and thoroughly stir the mixture. Fill a sprayer with it and spray it on the plants. You may also put salt all around root of your flowers once a week.

Add one garlic clove and one moderate onion to a bowl of hot water. Allow it to sit for a few minutes before adding a tablespoon of cayenne pepper and a splash of laundry detergent to the mixture. Use on your area to keep bugs away from your food. Visit here to know more - www.growfoodeasily.com

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