What is your review of the barcalounger? Is it true that we can get good furniture and decor stuff

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asked May 20 in Maintenance/Repairs by Jidyer (2,630 points)
My take is that it is a overpriced market but then you can get some useful decorative stuff there hence you find people flocking there often.

Recently, myself and wife went there. A plant potter caught the attention of my wife. The price quoted by the seller was Rs 3500/-. After multiple negotiation the seller agreed for Rs2300/- however i still felt it being overpriced and i asked wife to move on as i didnt wanted to pay anything above Rs2000/-.

It was then the shopkeeper spoke in their local language among themselves and i picked up that they bought it for 1500/-.

This really zapped me as they are trying to make abnormal profits(more than 50%) here and claiming we are not saving anything, selling u at cost n blah blah..

My 2 cents, go to the market, explore and bargain hard.

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answered May 20 by Contrapagan (4,020 points)
Barcalounger does have some good furniture and they are overpriced as the furniture is made in China.

Still they have some nice furniture that can make your home look great.
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answered May 21 by Uters12 (8,220 points)

Hello. You probably know that Barcalounger is one of the oldest furniture companies in the US. If you read the Barcalounger reviews here https://barcalounger.pissedconsumer.com/review.html . you will know that since its inception it has always been associated with comfort and relaxation. Barcalounger offers a wide range of different furniture. They have many styles and features to offer. Barcalounger may not be able to provide as many personalization options as other high-end companies, but through diversity, they try to provide the best choice in the price range.

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answered Jul 23 by elijahwilliam (2,290 points)
Barcaloungers are a popular furniture item for the home. They are designed to be both comfortable and functional. The chair has a soft back and seat that offer both the comfort of a recliner and the support of a couch. The barcalounger is often used as a reading chair or TV chair.

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