Who owns Napoleon's hat?

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During his reign, the emperor consumed roughly 120 hats. The headgear was usually provided by Poupart & Cie at a price of around 60 francs each. Napoleon always had 12 hats in circulation, and since he did not like the new headgear, he entrusted his valet to break it.

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Hello all! You know who Napoleon is, no not a cake, this is a very cool emperor of the French in 1804-1814 and 1815, and here recently Bryan Goldberg NYC media mogul buys rare Napoleon hat for $1.4 million, I was shocked, although in fact the price for the hat should be higher, I think that is a pretty good investment because in the future it will one hundred percent rise in value, a very interesting purchase that has caused me insane interest and bewilderment!

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