The refrigerator burned out. Who to contact for repairs?

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Better just buy a new one. I spent three times last year repairing a washing machine. In the end, I still had to replace it with a new one. And by the amount I bought two washing machines, not one. Although, if you have a warranty, then contact the service center. Maybe they'll give you a discount. This year I decided to invest in a coffee machine.

But it burned out in just two months. But they replaced everything under warranty.

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When your refrigerator goes out and you need or want repairs you'd contact an appliance repair company.

Some simple issues can be fixed relatively cheap on the refrigerator.

However if the compressor has burned out then the cost to replace the compressor and refill the refrigerant as well as service call charge can be too expensive.

Once the refrigerator compressor burns out it's best to replace the entire refrigerator with a new one.

It's best to save up enough funds to replace the refrigerator should it go out.

Most refrigerators last between 10 to 15 years although in rare cases some higher end refrigerators may last as long as 20 years.

However if your refrigerator lasts 10 years then that is pretty good for today's appliances.

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