How many different types of decking are there?

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Decking is the first component of the house that the rest of the world sees. As a result, in order to make the property more appealing, the appropriate decking must be chosen. Here are some examples:

Softwood decking: Softwood decking may appear nice because it is made of traditional wood, but it does require substantial maintenance to keep it in good condition. Even with all of the upkeep, there is a good likelihood that these would crack and warp because they are very absorbent and vulnerable to mould formation, making them a poor choice.

Hardwood decking: This decking is more durable than softwood, but it still requires extensive upkeep to stay in good condition. It takes time for regular maintenance, but the chemicals required for upkeep are highly hazardous to the environment.

Plastic decking: Plastic decking may be a decent alternative and a substitute for wood decking, but it is typically unsuitable for weather resistance and can become very slippery underneath when wet. They require less upkeep than traditional wood but are less sturdy, have a less spectacular appearance, and can bow and fracture under stress.

Composite decking- These decking materials combine the aesthetic elegance of traditional wood decking with the low-maintenance benefits of composite polymers, with the added bonus of great durability and weather resistance. These usually come in three varieties: hollow, uncapped, and capped. To know more about the different types of decking check it out Nu-Lite Balustrading Melbourne website.

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