Ruby Ribbon Cami Bras are PERFECT for me!

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My first purchase with Ruby Ribbon cami bra was over 2 years ago. At first, I felt like I had made the wrong decision and thenm because I did not want to pay the return shipping feem I just kept both cami bras (different supports) and decided I would just wear occasionally … however the more I wore them the more, the more I loved them. I like one better than the other because it has more support and simple design. I highly recommend the cami bras … no matter your bust size.

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It all started after nursing our last little one Adrian for well over a year. You know that while you’re nursing it is recommended that you don’t wear an underwire. During that year and a half I became so used to not using an underwire that once I was done, I had an impossible time going back! I hated all of my old bras, even really nice ones that I spent a lot of money on. So I started my search for a new bra. My search initially led me to sports-like bras, which were comfortable but honestly were not that flattering. I wore them for months and months until I came across a message from my good friend Jolie about ruby ribbon review, an amazing garment that replaces your bra, has no underwire and is shapewear all in one!


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