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asked Aug 20 in Makeup by Uters12 (9,870 points)

Hard to believe this is a train system from a developed country. Constant delay with no reasons. Slow, unreliable, old, not clean. Cannot imagine a worse experience. My 6 hour trip got delayed for 4+ hours, and they said it’s normal. It’s a joke. People should try to avoid taking Amtrak at all cause. You will thank me later

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answered Aug 21 by Fakis33 (380 points)

Hi. Once I bought and paid for train tickets on Amtrak, and after some time, circumstances developed in such a way that I was forced to change the date of my trip to Washington. Having contacted the Amtrak customer support service here https://amtrak.pissedconsumer.com/customer-service.html and having explained the situation to the manager, they changed the date of the trip without any problems and also offered to choose the time of departure that was convenient for me.

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