I had to delete my first review thought…

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asked Aug 21 in Makeup by Uters12 (9,870 points)

I had to delete my first review thought I had a better option. It turned out my flight has got some changes twice, I ended up exchanging the flight. Well.. let’s see how much I have to pay more and still haven’t been contacted more than 36 hours later. Don’t book with a third party it causes you more headache and money!!

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answered Aug 21 by AbrahamShnider (5,390 points)

Hello there. I would like to point out that many people like to book their tickets with Priceline at the last moment. That's why Priceline encourages customers to book through their app. It is very easy to do this, you just need to install the agency application and book an upcoming trip. If you have problems with booking, then you can contact priceline customer service and the manager will help you book a ticket

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