Bet9ja Casino Scam

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asked Dec 1, 2022 in Auto Racing by boygoldme (3,740 points)
Casino games in bet9ja have always been my go to whenever I feel like catching fun or interested in making some money.
While I usually win some and lose some, the balance have always satisfied me. However, in recent months, Bet9ja casino games especially from pragmatic play has stopped giving out wins which is against fair play policy.
This company has turned to a total scam. Some other betting site such as 1xbet have removed all pragmatic play games from their platforms for this reason. However bet9ja still hosts them probably because of the money they are benefitting from the scam.
I have now said goodbye to my favorite Great Rhino games and I have moved entirely from bet9ja to 1xbet and Betway for exciting and winning casino games.
You can no more get wins from bet9ja Casino games (pragmatic play). Please stay away.
Withdrawal time for winning on bet9ja is also the worst of all platforms.

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answered Dec 1, 2022 by tennisboy (4,280 points)

Hello, there were cases when I won good sums of money in a casino, but when I put my winnings on the withdrawal, I was simply blocked. I began to look for ways not to get caught by more non-scammers in the casino. I found the site 먹튀검증, which is exactly what checks the casino for honesty, now everything that I have won, I can easily play thanks to this site.

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answered Jan 24 by AbrahamShnider (8,830 points)

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answered Jan 27 by oskardelahoya (480 points)

Hi, when choosing an online casino I always recommend looking at the quality of the software the platform offers. It's the quality of the software that determines the fun of the game as well as the storyline that's presented there. That is why I recommend to play at . That is the best software developer that the British market has to offer. Highly recommend it.

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answered Feb 14 by Grinder (4,060 points)

I believe that a lot of us enjoy playing games of chance, thus while picking a good gaming platform, we should prioritize reviews and ratings from reputable gaming sites. For this reason, I suggest since it gives you the chance to have a fantastic time, really enjoy your playing time, and have the opportunity to make money. And in these situations, I like that you can compare gaming systems and the games themselves, allowing you to take full use of the game.

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