How can I improve my health after serious stress?

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asked Dec 5, 2022 in Accessories & Fashion by jane (3,560 points)
In the last year, I had a divorce from my husband, and a move, and now I'm alone with three children. Plus it was also quite a hard physical job. I even had problems with alcohol and depression for a long time.  How can I restore my strength and health now and start to live again? After all, I just turned 32 recently.

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answered Dec 5, 2022 by gorr (1,390 points)
Mental health is an integral part and the most important component of your health. Lingering stress contributes to illnesses that are initially functional and then more serious. For this reason, getting rid of severe stress quickly will help save your body from health problems.
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answered Dec 5, 2022 by ryna0 (910 points)

Everyone should cherish health and strengthen it by all available means Unhealthy habits, unhealthy diet, and stress have a negative impact on health, so the healthier a person is, the more chances he has to maintain and improve his health.

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answered Dec 9, 2022 by anonymous

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