Professional teeth whitening

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asked Jan 26 in Dental by jane (3,560 points)

Hi. Can you recommend a good dental practice in Calgary that has a teeth whitening service? Do you think this is a safe procedure, won't it harm my teeth?‚Äč

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Bleaching can be used on any healthy teeth and does not cause any damage to the gums and teeth. In the clinic, whitening procedures are performed by competent dental hygienists, which allows you to be confident in the quality of the procedure and provides a guarantee of the result.
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answered Jan 26 by ryna0 (910 points)

Professional teeth whitening is a completely safe procedure. Your dentist will select the appropriate whitening method based on the level of whitening you want and the condition of your teeth. Restorative Dentistry Services in Calgary, AB is what you need. Keep in mind that abusing coffee, as well as smoking, significantly shortens the retention period of the whitening effect.

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