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asked Jun 11, 2018 in Parenting by palone (3,420 points)
What interesting and education games can you recommend for kids?

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answered Jun 14, 2018 by Karont (2,820 points)
Sesame Street, Starfall, CoolMath, Make Me Genius, The KIDZ Page, How Stuff Works, Fun Brain.
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answered Jun 15, 2018 by Andret (2,230 points)
We playing in Fairy Tales for Clever Kids with my son now. He likes it very much. It is game related to reading. During the game you need to read short fairy tales, and to answer a small educational question to move to each next page. Here is a link
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answered Aug 29, 2018 by arturoschaefer (180 points)
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When it comes to outdoor play, it means that you go out into the real world and have some interaction with the world. Most kids these days are comfortable in their homes with the video games and smartphones. Outdoor games are a must for growing children as they will be able to learn a lot of things and it is also good for their health. When children go out and interact with other kids, they learn many new things and learn how to play with a group. They discover many things and learn to appreciate nature. Find canoe seats here for safe canoe ride.
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answered Sep 10, 2018 by Palululu (1,060 points)
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My daughter likes to play cooking games on they are interesting. There are many another games for kids on this website, including educational. For boys I can recommend bike games:)
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answered Oct 3, 2019 by Karont (2,820 points)

Talking about toys I can recommend to pay attention to wooden toys. They are back in fashion again, because they are not only more useful, less fragile, but also absolutely environmentally friendly and harmless, like plastic and rubber toys, still sold in large quantities in the mass market. I think it is important nowadays! You can try some interesting eco-friendly wooden toy from there are so many variants.

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