Do you prefer desktop computers or laptop computers?

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asked Nov 30, 2018 in Desktops by Weaslekbear (360 points)
Do you prefer desktop computers or laptop computers?

I'm just curious what is your preference for computers? Is it laptop computers that you can move around with you or do you prefer to do all your task and internet browsing on a desktop computer?

I have both desktop and laptop computers and I use the desktop to run my ebay business however I use my laptop on the couch or outside on nice days to just browse the internet.

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answered Nov 30, 2018 by 887drewia (430 points)
Since I don't work from home or need the power of a desktop I prefer to use a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer.

I still have a desktop computer that I will use for video editing once in awhile however it doesn't get used that often because I don't do much video editing.

Most times I'm just browsing youtube and casting the youtube videos from my laptop to my Roku box on my television to watch or I'm just sitting or laying on the couch browsing the internet when bored especially like now when we have a lot of snow outside and it's freezing.

I hate sitting in an office chair as I find them not very comfortable like my couch is.

The couch is the preferred place to lay down or sit and use the laptop computer.
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answered Dec 1, 2018 by Monsh (290 points)
I prefer to use a laptop computer because I can move it around with me anywhere and take it anywhere with me and hook to free internet when I'm away from home.

I hate sitting at a desk and love to sit in my recliner or even lay in bed or sit on the floor with my laptop.

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