Does junk removal service take all kind of trash?

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asked Mar 25, 2019 in Other-Home/Garden by palone (3,420 points)
Does junk removal service take all kind of trash?

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answered Mar 25, 2019 by podnarshmosie (510 points)
Yes most if not all Junk Removal companies will remove all junk and all trash that you want them to remove from your home or business.

They take appliances, large furniture, small furniture and just about anything you have and want them to dispose of.

I had a Junk Removal Place clean out a house I was moving from and getting ready to sell and they took anything I wanted them to take.

I used Junk-King Junk Removal Service and they did a wonderful Job.
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answered Mar 26, 2019 by Karont (2,820 points)

Most do. Usually it is items such as furniture, washers, old beds. Not so much just trash, that is toilet paper, or food. That is more for city sanitation, waste removal. By the way can you recommend some good service? I subscribed on Royal junk company they will soon start website. They promise good prices and services.

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