Do you buy swimwera online?

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asked Nov 19, 2019 in Makeup by palone (3,420 points)
Do you buy swimwera online? What brands are the best?

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answered Nov 19, 2019 by Scaramouche (620 points)
I do buy Swimwear online and I mostly buy my Swimwear and most other clothing through Zulily who has great products as well as fast shipping and great prices.

I don't buy Swimwear often but when I do I either buy it through Zulily or even Amazon or ebay as it depends on what brands and styles of swimwear I'm looking for.

Buying swimwear in stores offline is also good because you can see it in person but you do get great deals online for most swimwear and other clothing.

I also buy swimming toys for my kids and lounge chairs etc online as well because doing so is much cheaper and I prefer shopping from the comfort of my own home.
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answered Nov 20, 2019 by Palululu (1,060 points)

Hello! I can't say that there are "the best" brands. You should choose only what you like. As for me I prefer buying Skye swimwear or Becca swimwear from there are so many new cool models! Prices are quite affordable here.

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