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asked Jan 20 in Other- Society & Culture by Andret (2,110 points)
What gift can I make for a hunter? Can you share some ideas pls?

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answered Jan 21 by palone (3,240 points)

I think you should buy something for hunting if it is so important. But also I can recommend to search for something neutral. Like example check these gifts for hunters I think it is good idea!

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answered Feb 13 by millerynolds (820 points)

In order to make a good gift and please someone, just pay attention to the interests of the person you are going to congratulate. Personally, in the case of my friend, I know that she is interested in Russian culture since she is from Russia, I decided to give her this doll from

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answered Feb 21 by kesteer (4,340 points)

Hello! have you ever made some DIY gifts? I think it is a really great way to tell a person about your feelings and show your love. I like creating something like the lapel pins from I am pretty sure that you will like this idea a lot. Think about it ;)

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answered Sep 5 by Kridd (180 points)
THank! good luck!

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