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asked Oct 29, 2020 in UPS by Silkmoon (170 points)

Someone help me, please. I want to move to Miami and thereby I'm looking for a cool and cheap move service. Share with m a link or contact, beg-beg

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answered Nov 1, 2020 by Gy678 (730 points)
If looking for moving companies we would need the state you're moving from so that we know which moving companies are in your area.

However you can also get a U Haul or Penske Moving truck and move the stuff yourself cheaper.

But it requires you to do all the heavy lifting of the furniture and anything else you're taking with you.

A few good moving companies in Miami Florida are.

Two Men and a Truck is also a great moving company that can help you move from your location to Miami.

Also consider getting rid of anything that is not worth taking and get new stuff at your new place.

Sometimes buying new stuff is cheaper than moving some other cheaper stuff.

Or pack some stuff in boxes and ship the packages through UPS, FedEx or USPS.

I shipped some of my small stuff that I really wanted to keep through UPS and it arrived at my new location within a few days.
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answered Nov 17, 2020 by Uters12 (9,870 points)
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Great info! Thank you!

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answered Mar 28 by Grinder (2,260 points)

Hello, I'd like to point out that hiring transportation rather than doing it yourself has become increasingly popular. Personally, I had a positive experience with, who quickly assisted in the folding of items, folded and loaded everything themselves, and also assisted in the transportation of the items to a new location. This company was a pleasure to work with, and I can confidently recommend it to you.

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answered Aug 29 by MelissaFox34 (580 points)

Among the abundance of muving companies in today's logistics market, it is not easy to find a really reliable muving company. I can recommend (click here). I have contacted them several times and have been satisfied. Really cool company with good reviews, mine is no exception)

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