Is there a site that presents truly unbiased news?

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asked Dec 20, 2021 in Other- Society & Culture by Uters (2,620 points)

That is a great question but difficult to answer. As some have answered, the difficulty is finding an unbiased person to write news stories. I could easily get into a deep, long-winded explanation of how news has to be reported and the form of that reporting is in a story and the writer of that story is tasked to make dry facts engaging. Or how, generally, people don’t just want the facts by themselves, but encapsulated in format that confirms their own biases; thereby creating an industry that uses the term “unbiased” as a euphemism for “broad acceptance.”

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answered Dec 20, 2021 by Yuvone (1,810 points)
Finding unbiased news sites can be hard.

However there are indeed a few good news sites that provide and present truly unbiased news which are.
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answered Dec 20, 2021 by Walidant (2,770 points)

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