Who is the best orthodontist in Oud Metha, Dubai?

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asked Feb 20 in Other- Society & Culture by Uters (2,620 points)

You should ask your general dentist for a referral to a different orthodontist. I wonder what made your orthodontist just up and leave? Did she begin working at a different office? Was her license revoked? Is she ill? Very strange that you were not informed by a letter that she was leaving the practice.

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answered Feb 20 by Walidant (2,770 points)

It is very important to take care of your teeth and undergo regular check-ups and, if necessary, treat them. But not every specialist is competent in their work. Therefore, I want to advise you on the specialist I turn to - Orthodontist in Dubai. Thanks to this person, I cured my teeth at the very beginning and now I regularly check them and keep them healthy. I really like the fact that I always know that my teeth are in order because my health depends on it. I hope that this contact will be useful for you and you will be healthy.

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