Is it OK for my dog to sleep in my bed with me?

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Is it OK for my dog to sleep in my bed with me?

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Yes it's okay for your dog to sleep with you in your bed.

There's no harm in letting your dog or other animals sleep in your bed with you if they and you want that.

Having a dog sleeping with you in bed is a good thing and they add warmth as well to you when you're sleeping during the winter time.

My large dog will sometimes lift my head up while I'm asleep and allow me to lay my head down on his belly.

He'll sometimes crawl up around my head and then lay on my pillow and then his belly becomes my pillow.

His belly is actually more comfortable to me than my actual pillow so I don't mind and he seems to like it as it's his idea.

I also have my 2 cats sleep with me and my husband in bed along with the dog and they all get along with each other.

Our other cat goes into my 8 year old sons room and sleeps next to him on his bed.

Animals and humans have slept together for many years and as long as the dog is not sick or the cat or other animal is in good health then there's no harm in allowing your dog or other animals to crawl into bed with you and sleep in the same bed with you.

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