Can you give me a list of real work from home jobs?

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asked Feb 14 in Employment & Careers by crassmille (200 points)
Can you give me a list of real work from home jobs?

I'd like to start working from home instead of having to go work in an office.

What are some work from home jobs I can do to earn a living? I'd like to earn at least $45.00 an hour working from home if possible.

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answered Feb 16 by Larry S (20,790 points)
You can work from home and earn money legit but doing freelance work for other people on freelancer.

Another job you can do from home working on your computer to earn a living is doing data entry work for companies or medical coding or medical billing if you have the qualifications required to do medical coding and medical billing.

Some medical coding jobs and medical billing jobs can pay as high as $49.00 per hour but usually the pay starts at $25.00 per hour for data entry work.

The pay per hour for medical billing and coding usually depends on your level of qualification.

The better qualified you are to do the medical billing and medical coding the higher your pay per hour will usually be.

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