Can you negotiate the price of a new car?

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asked Feb 14 in Buying & Selling by bobcattiger (190 points)
Can you negotiate the price of a new car?

When shopping for a new car at a car dealership is it possible to negotiate with the car dealership on the vehicles price and get the dealership to take a lower price for the car?

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answered Feb 14 by Jodie (18,970 points)
Yes you can negotiate the price with the car dealership. But that doesn't mean that the car dealership will budge on the price and lower it.

If they don't then just move onto another car dealership and see if you can get them to lower the price of a new car.

Some dealerships will lower the price while others won't budge on the price lowering of a new car. So you just have to shop around at different car dealerships.

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