Anyone remember the website wetbusters for bed wetting?

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asked Mar 29 in Bed Wetting by Diaperboy1988 (1,730 points)
Anyone remember the website wetbusters for bed wetting?

I had forgotten about the website called and I was surprised to see that it's still around.

It's not a diaper website but it's a website for bed wetters.

I remember coming across this website years ago when I was a kid.

The website has been around since 1999 and I think it was around 2001 when I was 13 that I came across the wetbusters website.

It's nice to see that an old website I visited is still around.

I came across it by accident and suddenly remembered.

I used to browse that website almost every night.

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answered Mar 29 by Pamperslover (24,450 points)
I used to visit that website a lot too.

I remember some people used to discuss on the forums on their about diapers although they didn't like you talking about diapers on there.

There used to be a bulletin board known as a forum on the website and I used to post on there as well but they didn't like people discussing diapers.

That website does bring back memories and it's good to see it again.

It was in 2001 when I discovered the website as well.

I was on AOL dialup when I found that website.

I can't believe it's been 21 years now since I came across that website.

Good to see it's still around though.
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answered Mar 29 by Pamperslover (24,450 points)
Here's some text about what Wetbusters said about it becoming more of a website about diaper lovers and kids loving diapers.


When Wetbusters was created in 1999, its mission was to help kids to stop wetting the bed.  Wetbusters instead has become a forum for kids and adults who wear diapers.

Nearly all of the kids who use the site seem to wear diapers, and parents who use the site talk primarily about diapers in regard to their kids who wet.

This is in spite of the fact that 85% of pediatricians recommend AGAINST using diapers for bedwetting, believing that diapers "give the wrong message, that it is okay to wet at night and not get up and use the toilet, which tends to prolong wetting." (Seminar on Bedwetting, American Academy of Pediatrics, 2003).

Kids and parents who have used Wetbusters (approximately 60,000 users per month) have shown little interest in alarms, medications, wake up training, or bladder exercises for dealing with bedwetting... their interest is almost entirely about diapers.

The bulletin board postings are nearly all about diapers, and the conversations in the chat rooms are typically "Do you (or your child) wear diapers?  What kind?"  Kids who are interested in alarms, for example, have been driven out of the chat rooms and have not been supported on the bulletin boards.

There is also an enormous and very aggressive "diaper lover" (DL) and "teen baby" (TB) community (try searching on those terms with the Google search engine).

It has been claimed that DL's and TB's have taken over

It has been claimed also that these DL's and TB's are adults posing as kids.

 But if one assumes that they are adults, at what age did the diaper attraction start?  It is impossible to keep the diaper lovers out.

It is, however, not not just the diaper lovers who render the site impossible to run, but the fact that "true" bedwetters also appear to embrace diapers.

It is difficult to discern the true bedwetters from the diaper lovers.

Below is the link to the full write up they posted about disabling the chat rooms and forum.


My take on what they had to say about diapers and bed wetting.

True bed wetters should embrace diapers as diapers are a good thing to deal with bed wetting and it's better to wake up in a wet diaper than wet bed sheets and wet clothes.

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