What is bromelain good for?

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What is bromelain good for?

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Bromelain is good for a variety of things which include digestion, removing dead skin cells from burns and reducing inflammation, swelling, muscle soreness, pain and nasal congestion.

Bromelain is an enzyme extract that is derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh pineapple.

The extract has a history of folk medicine use.

As an ingredient, bromelain is used in cosmetics, as a topical medication, and as a meat tenderizer.

Bromelain can cause stomach upset, diarrhea, vomiting, rapid heartbeat, and heavy menstrual periods.

It can trigger reactions in people with allergies to pineapples, certain pollens, carrots, celery, rye and wheat flour, latex, bee venom, and other substances.

When taken by mouth: Bromelain is possibly safe for most people.

Doses of up to 240 mg daily have been used safely for up to one year.

Bromelain might cause some side effects, including diarrhea and stomach upset.

When applied to the skin: Bromelain is possibly safe.

Bromelain is an enzyme that people extract from pineapples.

It may be an effective remedy for cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.

Research suggests that bromelain can thin the blood, break down blood clots, and reduce clot formation.

The enzyme also has anti-inflammatory properties.

A study from Taiwan found a 70% decrease in floaters among participants who consumed pineapple daily for three months.

Researchers attribute the treatment's success to the enzyme “bromelain” which is found in pineapple.

They believe that the bromelain dissolves the collagen that creates floaters.

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