What can you do with unopened diapers?

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What can you do with unopened diapers?

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Unopened diapers can be returned to the store for a different size, store credit or you can sell the unopened diapers on eBay, donate the leftover unopened diapers, give the unopened diapers away to someone who needs them or keep them for another baby or child.

You can exchange diapers on Amazon as long as the diapers have not been opened.

According to Amazon.com exchange policies if you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return the eligible baby product(s) in new and unopened condition within 90 days from date of delivery for a full refund.

You can exchange diaper sizes without a receipt at most stores.

Most stores will allow you to exchange diaper sizes without a receipt which is good because kids can grow out of a diaper size pretty quickly.

You can return diapers to Target whether opened or unopened.

If the diapers have been opened then you will get a store credit at Target and if they are sealed you can get a store credit or your money back.

You can also exchange the diapers for another size as well if they are not opened.

Unlike some other stores Target does take returns on diapers even when opened but if the diapers have been opened you will get store credit and not your actual money back.

You can return diapers that are not opened to almost any store without a receipt as long as the store sells the brand of diapers.

For example you can't return dollar general gentle steps diapers to Walmart as they don't sell them.

But if you bought diapers such as Pampers or Luvs diapers, Huggies Diapers etc they can be returned to almost any store that sells that brand.

You'll get a store credit or can exchange the diapers for a different size.

You can return diapers anywhere even without a receipt.

Well actually almost anywhere as different stores will have different policies.

However as long as the store that you return the diapers to sells that brand of diapers then most often they will accept the return for a store credit or for an exchange of a different diaper size.

Some people have returned diapers to a store to exchange them for a different size when their child needs a larger size diaper.

As long as the diapers are not opened they can be exchanged and returned for store credit or for a different size diaper.

If opened however the store will not take them back.

The diapers must be sealed and not opened before they will take them back.

If you have a receipt then you may get your money back but if not then you will get store credit or can simply exchange the diapers for another brand or another size.

However if the other brand is more expensive then you'll have to pay the difference.

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