Turning 29 years old in a few weeks is that old?

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asked Jan 6, 2017 in Other- Family & Relationships by Laura (220 points)
In a few weeks I turn 29 years old. Just a year away from the big 30. Is 29 considered old?

I'm scared of turning 29 years old in such a short time.

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answered Jan 6, 2017 by Mechanic21 (27,930 points)
That's not old too me. I wish I was 29 again. I'm 55 now.
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answered Jan 7, 2017 by chad (12,360 points)
I'm also turning 29 years old on March 8th 2017.

I don't think that's really old but at times I do feel older with my back problems and knee problems.

When I was 7 I was in a minor wreck while in van with mom,dad, aunt and cousin.

A guy backed out of a school parking lot and my dad swerved to keep from getting hit but we were hit anyway and my knee went into the back of a seat that was in front of me.

22 years later my knee hasn't been the same and seems to get worse as I age.

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