Why do we buy gifts for Christmas?

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Why do we buy gifts for Christmas?

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The reason we buy gifts for Christmas is as a symbol and tribute made to baby Jesus.

Although such efforts did contribute to the magnitude of the ritual, the practice of buying Christmas presents for children predates the spread of corporate capitalism in the United States:

It began during the first half of the 1800s, particularly in New York City, and was part of a broader transformation of Christmas.

To Christians, the gifts given at Christmas are symbolic of the tributes made to the baby Jesus by the Three Wise Men after his birth during the story of the Nativity.

Yes I do feel Awkward when getting Christmas presents which is why I stopped getting them or giving them.

I told my family politely that I no longer wanted to receive any Christmas presents by age 18.

It's just too awkward and uncomfortable for me and I never was happy about the presents.

Your not the only one who feels Awkward receiving Christmas Presents.

I'm also one that is always feeling awkward when I would get Christmas presents or any other presents.

I stopped with getting and giving Christmas presents when I moved out of my parents house at 18.

Even now with my kids we don't do Christmas presents.

Christmas is not about the presents anyway and it's very awkward and I never introduced the idea of Christmas presents to my kids.

A lot of people feel awkward about opening and getting presents.

Even for birthday presents we don't wrap them up or make a big deal about it.

Instead I just give the presents or items to the kids for their birthdays.

If you don't want to open presents or give or receive presents you don't have too.
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