Buying real estate abroad

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What do I need to know about buying property abroad?

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It is important not just to buy property in Europe, but to make full use of it. In the case of buying real estate, helped me a lot. What good is it if you own a property, for example, in France or the Netherlands, but to get there, you need to queue up for a visa, the duration of which will be limited. Therefore, it would be desirable to draw a parallel status in the country where you acquire a home. This can be a residence permit in Europe (residence permit), permanent residence permit (permanent residence in Europe) or citizenship.

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Thank you for the recommendation! This is not the first time I have heard of this agency. So many positive reviews. It might be worth asking for professional help.
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Hello! I bought real estate in California, many realtors have a very large commission, and in order not to overpay money in the first place, I found out how much do realtors make in california. After all, there are many companies that are trying to earn as much money from you as possible.

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