Which sport ranks first in the sports betting rankings?

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asked Sep 20, 2022 in Auto Racing by RobertPolson (2,560 points)
I know that sports betting has a long history.. But what sport remains in the first place at the moment.. Horse racing, boxing.. All this has been and gone or is gradually fading into the background.. And what is popular in the world right now?

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answered Sep 20, 2022 by GeorgeMills (2,860 points)

I don't think I'm wrong if I point to football.. Moreover, there is such a thing as classic European soccer.. It's quite fascinating as you might notice)) But you can find out more on this site - https://www.ua-football.com/en/betting/bookmakers/8-bukmeker-1xbet  I have always said that the audience in the stands is not the main indicator for sports. The main thing is that the fans want to spend money on you)) Betting is what everyone will say about sports.

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answered Sep 20, 2022 by Zoina (1,920 points)

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