How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

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How to get rid of a stuffy nose?

How can I get rid of my stuffy nose?

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I've gotten rid of stuffy nose before by placing some peppermint tea bags in a heat proof bowl and then adding boiling water to the bowl of tea bags.

I then put my face over the bowl and breathed in the peppermint and the steam from the boiling water and my nose was cleared up within a few minutes and I no longer had a stuffy nose.

You can also clear up a stuffy nose by using some Vicks Vapor Rub on your chest.

Another good natural way of getting rid of a stuffy nose is to use a Neti pot and rinse the inside of your nose out to clear up any blockages.

It's a good idea to rinse your nose out often with the Neti pot to help prevent a stuffy nose as well.

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