How can I get rid of cockroaches in my home?

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asked Apr 15 in Do it yourself by zayan zone (290 points)
How can I get rid of cockroaches in my home?

What are some home remedies for getting rid of cockroaches in my home?

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answered Apr 16 by Judy (30,710 points)
To get rid of roaches set out some roach motels, or other roach bait near the areas where the roaches are hanging out at.

The roaches will be attracted to the bait and roach motels, make sure you put any food up away from the roaches and clean crumbs off your counters and floors and wipe the counters down to get rid of any food residue.

Another option is to get some bug fog spray and fog your home with the bug spray. The roaches will then be killed.

If you don't want to fog your home you can put out borax powder which will kill the roaches when they eat it.

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