How can I get my nose to stop running?

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asked Apr 17 in Other- Health by streeteats (270 points)
How can I get my nose to stop running?

What can I do at home to get my nose to stop running?

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answered Apr 18 by Gracy (25,260 points)
You can get your nose to stop running usually overnight by using a salt water solution to rinse your nose out with using a Neti Pot or any other way of getting the salt water solution into your nose.

Rinse your nose out at least 3 times during the day with the salt water solution and then your nose should stop running.

Take some sea salt and mix it with some water to make the salt water nose rinse.

You can also buy some saline solution for rinsing your nose out as well to stop the runny nose and you use it in the Neti Pot as well.

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