I lost a bet and now I have to wear a Diaper...

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asked Jan 17 in ABDL by Ilikecocacola07 (170 points)
Hi I'm 16 yo and lost a bet with my friends... now i have to wear a diaper everytime they want (they even want me to wear to school for a day)

The question is where do I get Diapers that fit me (im sporty/thin) and do people notice them? Like idk if i really should do it or just day ok i wont wear them idc if I lost what do you say?

So i found many diaper questions on this site so I hope im in the right category if not please change it to the right
commented Jan 23 by Nika Shanty (100 points)
I think we should forget about this silly argument.
commented Jan 24 by Ilikecocacola07 (170 points)
What do you mean?

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answered Jan 17 by diapermouse1 (7,820 points)
I would say you should wear the diaper to school and all day.

I've worn diapers to school for fun and nobody found out and it was great being able to just pee in the diaper when needed and not have to hold it.

You can find diapers that fit you online such as through healthykin or northshorecare.com



You can also buy diapers that fit you through bambinodiapers.com or abuniverse.com
commented Jan 24 by Ilikecocacola07 (170 points)
well but they are expansive... and idk i dont wanna be a jerk and not do it but i dont wanna do it
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answered Jan 22 by paratom (5,790 points)
Ilikecocacola07, bro, man up. I would had you wear diapers even at your parents house, made sure your parents knew, also the school nurse would know. Damn lol
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answered Jan 23 by paratom (5,790 points)

Here is my email. Hopefully nobody caught you.

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