What do you think of the games in South Africa?

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asked Jan 20 in Auto Racing by bablsnuser (500 points)
What do you think of the games in South Africa? I think they are very unreliable there, and it is better to bet on America or Europe. I heard that in South Africa they often do not pay out big winnings and cut odds.

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answered Jan 20 by Mistejo (360 points)

You have a false impression of gambling in Tanzania since you were able to write such a thing. It may be unreliable to gamble closer to Southern Africa, but not in Tanzania! Tanzania is a very good place for bookmakers and betting people. It would help if you liked betting companies in Tanzania as there are odds up to 2.5x regularly. At almost every betting company, you will also be offered a welcome bonus of 20,000.

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answered Jan 20 by christinabdnr (400 points)
I think that sports betting in Tanzania have started to develop very well. It is a great contribution to the African culture of gambling. I think they will be even better in the future.

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