How can I get diapers ( I'm 16 years old )

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asked Jan 26 in ABDL by diapertom2007 (120 points)
Pls dont blame me but since the last weeks I wanted to wear diapers again!

Idk how it came but i really want to
How can i get them without my parents knowing? (I can't order online because i have no money on my paypal)

My weight is around 130 lbs

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answered Jan 27 by Ynt (410 points)
I am also 16,you buy from a shop far from your house and bring a backpack
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answered Jan 31 by paratom (5,790 points)
First off, your parents will know. You can wear diapers in your room but your Mom and Dad.

Are you looking at the teenbaby part or just the diapers loving part? If you figure it out, please email me. Together we will win
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answered Mar 15 by philrodg (1,260 points)
There are many great diapers that fit an older child very well. There is a Youtube channel about it. Maybe this will help you:

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