How do you prepare for a hurricane?

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How do you prepare for a hurricane?

What are you supposed to do to prepare for a hurricane that is headed your way?

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If you live in an area where hurricanes can happen you should have shutters on your windows and if the windows don't have any shutters you should install some or get some installed.

If not you should get the windows boarded up with some plywood and hopefully evacuate before the hurricane hits.

Be sure you know all the routes to evacuate from your home and keep some water, flashlights, canned food and first aid kit as well as anything else that you might need both in your home where you can easily get to them and keep some supplies in your car or other vehicle if you have one.

Make sure you have plenty of batteries for your flashlight or flashlights as well.

Also be sure to have an emergency fund of cash on hand should you need it as sometimes you won't be able to withdraw cash money from a bank or use your debit card for purchases if a banks system goes down due to the hurricane and it has happened.

Having cash on hand is a good idea.

If they advise you to evacuate then do so before the storm gets too bad because you could wind up trapped or flooded out and/or die in the Hurricane.

Another thing that's important is to keep your gas tank on your car or other vehicle filled because during a hurricane gasoline can be scarce or non existent and especially after the hurricane.

So you might have trouble getting gasoline right when you're evacuating. So fill your gas tank on your vehicle up before the hurricane hits so you'll have enough gas to evacuate as far away as possible from the hurricane.

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