How do you find out if you have a warrant on you?

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How do you find out if you have a warrant on you?

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answered Jun 2, 2018 by Cartym (1,710 points)
If your law enforcement has a website you can usually find a list of warrants on their website.

Look up your local county police stations website and see if they have a website with a warrant section.

It's usually in the area of police reports or the jail log.

Search your name and see if your name and address appears in their warrant database.

You can also call up your local police department or have someone call up the police department and check for a warrant.

If you walk into the police department you can find out as well but be prepared to be arrested on the spot over the warrant and be booked into jail.

Hopefully you'll be able to bail out. But turning yourself in for an arrest warrant works much better on you than having the police bring you in for the warrant.

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