How do you make money without working?

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asked Jun 13 in Employment & Careers by Simon (410 points)
How do you make money without working?

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answered Jun 14 by Larry S (20,690 points)
There's no real 100% way of making money without doing at least a little bit of work.

The only way that I know of that you can eventually make money without working is to create a website where users generate content and you earn money through advertising revenue after some time.

But then again you would still need to moderate the website to be sure no spam gets through and maintain the website so you'd still need to work unless you hire someone to maintain the website and moderate it.

Another way is to start a blog and do a lot of work in the beginning creating lots of content and getting it to rank in Google and other search engines and overtime you'll start getting traffic and make money from affiliate sales, ad revenue etc while you sleep but you do still need to do some work to add content at least once per week to keep your google search and other search engine rankings.

So I don't know of any other way to make money without doing any work unless you invest in some stocks such as Penny Stocks or other stocks but to invest in stocks you need to know your way around the stock market so you won't lose money.

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