How do you escape from quicksand?

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How do you escape from quicksand?

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If you become stuck in Quicksand remain calm as Quicksand is usually no more than 2 feet deep although some quicksand can be deeper but if you try to move around in panic you could sink more and be down to your waste which will make it harder to get out.

If you're carrying or wearing anything that is heavy such as a backpack remove it and throw it away from you.

The less weight you have on you the better.

 If possible remove your shoes as well because they can actually create suction and keep you trapped in the quicksand so you may have to step out of your shoes and leave them behind.

Try taking a couple steps backward before the quicksand actually begins to trap you.

If you're stuck sit down and lean back which will create a larger footprint making it harder for the quicksand to sink you and cause your feet to become free.

If your feet do start to become free begin to roll to your side away from the quicksand to get free of it's grip.

Always do these steps slowly as any quick movement could make it worse and cause you to sink further.

Whenever you're in quicksand country always carry a walking stick as the walking stick can become useful if you're stuck in quicksand.

When your ankles begin to sink in the quicksand lay the walking stick horizontally on the surface of the quicksand behind you.

Then flop your back onto the walking stick pole then after a minute of achieving balance move the pole towards your hips so your hips will stop sinking then slowly pull one leg free and then pull the other leg free.

Contrary to what you do see in movies quicksand isn't usually as deadly as it seems.

But it still can cause death if you're unable to break free from it in a good amount of time.

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