How long can a person go to jail for arson?

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How long can a person go to jail for arson?

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If a person commits the crime Arson they can face from 1 to 20 years in prison. 

If the person just committed the Arson as a first offense and no one was in the building then they might get up to 5 years max in prison but if someone set fire to a building with someone in it hoping to burn them up then it's considered aggravated Arson Plus attempted murder which can carry a prison term from 15 to 20 and sometimes even 25 years. 

Now if the person dies or people die in the fire then the person that set the fire can be charged with Aggravated Arson and Murder as well. 

And when you get a Murder Charge you're likely to spend a minimum of 25 years in prison before you could be eligible for parole or you may be sentenced to life without Parole if someone or some people died in the fire you set. 

There was a 14 year old Kansas boy who set fire to his Family home in Hutchinson KS hoping to kill his father, sister and mother.

He succeeded in Killing His mother and Sister in the fire but his dad escaped. 

He was arrested for it in 2013 and was locked up since then until 2017 which was 4 years before he was sentenced to two life terms in prison at the age of 18 for the Attempted Murder of his father, the Arson and for murder of his mother and sister. 

He does have a possible release date which is 21 years from now when he'll be 40 years old. 

You can look him up on the website in this link

His name is Sam Vonachen and his KDOC number is 0117047 

He's been in Prison since August 21st 2017 when he was first admitted to prison. 

His earliest possible release date is October 15th 2039 which is a long way away right now. 

There's no guarantee that he'll be released on that day or if at all.

If anyone is thinking about committing Arson or killing someone then please don't as it can ruin your life as well.

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