Is it weird to have really sharp senses?

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asked Jul 1 in Polls/Surveys by Ayers (310 points)
I seem to have really strong hearing and sense of smell at times; I don't know if would say its "SuperHuman", but at times it seems like a major weakness, like anything that smells really bad to me (even if it's a popular food) like (steamed?) Broccoli and cheese can literally kill my appetite and a strong sound can be nearly debilitating; I'm also bothered by the texture of a food I'm eating if it doesn't match what it should be (like crunchy skin hot dogs).

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answered Jul 1 by Kryxel (290 points)
No I don't think it's weird to have really sharp senses as I have really sharp senses as well and I'm sure a lot of other people out there have senses that are really sharp as well.

It's normal as everyone is different and not the same.

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