Converting a camper into a trailer?

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asked Jul 8, 2018 in Do it yourself by JustNToday (290 points)
I have an old camper trailer that is beyond repair and I'm thinking about tearing the camper apart and converting the camper trailer into a utility trailer.

Has anyone here done this and was it worth it to convert the camper into a utility trailer and how did it work?

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answered Jul 8, 2018 by Avarado (12,710 points)
Camper Trailers make good Utility trailers when you tear the camper shell off the frame.

The frame is usually stout enough as is for hauling things such as a lawn mower, ATV, Firewood etc.

My dad made a utility trailer out of an old camper 20 years ago for his riding lawn mower to ride on and he's used it ever since without any problems.

He added new lights to it and a metal floor and it has worked great.

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