What is the Best Way to Become a Successful Photographer?

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Being a photographer, you’re likely to be more of a freelancer than anything else as most photographers generally work for themselves. ​

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1. Admit that you love photography 

2. Learn all you can about your camera & lenses 

3. Understand the 3 variables of exposure (Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO) and learn to shoot in manual mode 

4. Study and know your subject 

5. Buy a DSLR camera and the best lens or lenses that you can afford 

6. Find and study other photographers whose work you enjoy and/or admire 

7. Become a student of light 

8. Shoot in RAW mode and get good photo editing software. 

9. Never stop learning 


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  • Make your photos look hazy with a plastic sandwich bag by adding it around the lens with small pieces of plastic touching the lens.
  • Soft-focus your lens effect by using plastic to cover most of the lens, except for the focal point (such as the person or object) you want to capture.
  • Make your own flash diffuser to diffuse harsh light and make it appear softer with the use of a white film container. Visit photoaspects.com to know more.
  • Make a backdrop using a photo from your laptop. Place the product you’re photographing in front of it on a black surface and take a picture with a simple added effect to make it appear more interesting.
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Photography is the perfect blend of art and science. The term "photo" itself is essentially a blend of "photo" and "graph", where photograph means light and graph means information. Every picture you capture is data about the object - light. It's an art form indeed. Like some other artist, it is your method for demonstrating others how you perceive the world. It could be anything simple like going out for a stroll in the street, or capturing moments spent with your family. A great deal of science goes behind capturing an image. Photosensitive film is exposed to light in a controlled manner utilizing a camera. This consumes the film simply enough so it can produce an image. Check out here to know more.

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