Why is my car misfiring when I accelerate?

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asked Jul 11 in Other-Cars/Transportation by Yoni T (280 points)
Why is my car misfiring when I accelerate?

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answered Jul 12 by Shelde (9,710 points)
When your fuel injectors are clogged then it can cause your vehicles engine to sputter and misfire when accelerating so I would get the fuel injectors checked out and cleaned first.

If it's still sputtering and misfiring then I would take a look at and get the ignition coil or ignition coils tested as well as check the spark plugs to see if they're fouling.

Another cause of a vehicle misfiring when accelerating is low fuel pressure due to a faulty or failing fuel pump.

Weak spark can also cause your car to misfire when accelerating.

Autozone or other auto parts stores should be able to hook up their tool to your vehicle and see what's going on.

Or even a regular shop can easily diagnose and fix the problem since the regular shop will be able to perform a better and more thorough test on the vehicles electrical system even though it might cost you some money.

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