What can cause COPD other than smoking?

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What can cause COPD other than smoking?

What things other than smoking can cause someone to develop the lung disease COPD?

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COPD lung disease is most commonly caused by the person smoking, however you can get COPD from being around secondhand smoke such as living with someone else who smokes or being around others who smoke even though you don't smoke.

Inhaling dust and fumes from fuel from vehicles, or inhaling the fumes from fuel for heating and cooking such as natural gas fumes, propane fumes, Butane Fumes etc.

Be sure to keep your house clean from dust as much as possible to avoid inhaling the dust in since the dust can be harmful to your lung health.

Other toxic things in the air could cause COPD and even being around smoke when you're burning brush or anything else in a fire pit could cause you to develop COPD if you were to inhale the smoke.

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