How does carbonated drinks affect the kidneys?

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How does carbonated drinks affect the kidneys?

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When you drink too many carbonated drinks the carbonated drinks can lead to kidney stones because carbonated drinks are not easy for your body to properly digest.

When you get kidney stones this can lead to kidney failure eventually.

Drinking some soda or other carbonated soda is okay in moderation but you should always drink plenty of plain water or even natural fruit juices such as grape juice, apple juice, lemon juice etc for optimal kidney health.

Too much soda and other carbonated drinks can also cause hypertension and even diabetes as well so if you do want to drink soda or other carbonated drinks make sure you drink some water along with it throughout the day to help flush your kidneys and keep the kidneys in good health.

Because with failing kidneys or failed kidneys you'll die without having dialysis or a kidney transplant.

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