What is life like for a 60 plus year old man?

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asked Aug 10, 2018 in Polls/Surveys by Humparka (220 points)
What is life like for a 60 plus year old man?

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answered Aug 13, 2018 by Grahlu (27,240 points)
I can't say for myself how life is like being a 60 year old man but if I'm lucky like my dad who is now 60 years old my life will get even better than it was in my 30's.

I'm currently 30 years old so I have another 30 years to go before I turn the big 60 years of age but my dad says that life is much better for him now at 60 years of age than it was at 30 years of age.

He retired a little early because he had enough savings for retirement that he didn't have to wait for full retirement age and he loves now that he doesn't have to get up to go to work everyday just to make a living and can work on projects when he feels like it.

My dad thought he'd be bored during retirement but he sure isn't bored now with all the projects he has lined up around the house he wants to do and things he wants to do outside the house for pleasure and hobbies.

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