How do you get rid of swimmers ear?

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asked Aug 11, 2018 in Other- Health by RiskyTinger (380 points)
How do you get rid of swimmers ear?

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answered Aug 12, 2018 by Mar194 (290 points)
A good home remedy that worked for me when I had swimmer's ear is to use Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol to get rid of my swimmers ear.

The Alcohol will combine with the water that is trapped in your ear and evaporate the trapped water and the vinegar will keep bacteria from growing in your ear.

You can then take a medicine dropper and apply a few drops of the Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol solution to the affected ear.

You can also set a blow dryer on the low heat setting and blow dry the water and moisture out of your ears and if it gets too serious and you can't get rid of the swimmer's ear then you should see a doctor because if not treated promptly swimmer's ear can lead to hearing loss.

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